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| Creative Direction | Art-Direction |

Award Winning promo for app TOKIT developed by Breaker 

'VISION' by Erica Quitzow
| Editing | Motion Graphics |
Music Video produced by Alexandra Henry and Avtar Khalsa

'PIREX' by Itamar Assumpção (performed by Indiada Magneto.)


| Creative Direction | Motion Graphics |

Music Video produced by Itaú Cultural

On-air package

| Creative Direction | Art Direction |

Produced by the Brazilian TV channel in Sao Paulo 

'TV Minuto'

The idea was to work with a very clear and clean

composition, with basic graphic elements to foster

understanding of the information that will be seen

at a distance and with no audio (in trains). We used

the shape of the logo as a main graphic element.

On-air package

| Creative Direction | Motion Graphics |

Produced by the Brazilian TV channel 'PlayTV'


From the elements of the channel's logo I

created 3 different worlds to represent the

3 main subjects of the channel: 

Music, Cinema and Games.

On-air package

| Art Direction | Motion Graphics |

Produced by the Brazilian TV Channel
'Sex Prive' - TV Bandeirantes
The idea was to develop a feminine design using
a mix of warm colors. The feminine silhouette
was the main graphic element.

Public Service Announcement - AIDS

| Creative Direction | Animation |

Produced by MTV Brazil

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