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I am an award-winning NYC-based Film & Video Editor with a strong background in motion graphics and post-production. I have over two decades of experience in several formats, genres and styles — from TV Promos, PSA’s, and commercials to corporate videos, documentaries and TV news.

Since the beginning of my career in Brazil (where I grew up), I learned how much I love to collaborate and be part of inspiring and challenging projects. Going to art school made me see the world in a more creative way and led me to love movies. I love storytelling, both fictional and non-fictional.

I bring a creative and sophisticated eye to all my work and pay extreme attention to detail, 

making sure that the core creative concept of the job will always be held sacred.

Since May of 2022 I am the Lead Editor at the collective@LAIR  and work with an amazing team who loves storytelling as much as I do!



Telly Awards 2021 - Editing Branded Content

Telly Awards 2021 - Editing Social Video

BELIFF - Film Fest LONDON 2020 - Official Selection

Telly Awards 2020 - Not for Profit

Telly Awards 2020 - Editing PSA

Global Shorts 2020 - Honorable Mention

Telly Awards 2018 - Directing for non-broadcast

Telly Awards 2018 - Miscellaneous for non-broadcast

Telly Awards 2018 - Motion Graphics/ Design for non-broadcast

International Independent Film Awards - 2018 - Animated Visuals

International Independent Film Awards - 2018 - Concept

International Independent Film Awards - 2018 - Commercial

Top Shorts 2018 - Best Commercial

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival 2018 - Best Trailer/Promo

Best Shorts Competition 2018 - Best Commercial / Infomercial

Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2018 - Best Commercial

Global Shorts 2018 - Special Mention

Cult Critic Movie Awards - 2018 - Best Web and New Media

California International Shorts Festival - 2018 - Best Commercial

Independent Shorts Awards 2018 - Best Commercial/Promo

European Cinematography Awards 2018 - Semi Finalist

New Haven International Film Festival 2018 - Official Selection

Burbank International Film Festival 2018 - Official Selection

Urban Mediamakers Festival 2018 - Official Selection

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