I am an award-winning NYC-based Film & Video Editor with a strong background in motion graphics and post-production. I have over two decades of experience in several formats, genres and styles — from TV Promos, PSA’s, and commercials to corporate videos, documentaries and TV news.

Since the beginning of my career in Brazil (where I grew up), I learned how much I love to collaborate and be part of inspiring and challenging projects. Going to art school made me see the world in a more creative way and led me to love movies. I love storytelling, both fictional and non-fictional.

I bring a creative and sophisticated eye to all my work and pay extreme attention to detail, 

making sure that the core creative concept of the job will always be held sacred.

I am the Lead Editor at the collective LAIR  and work with an amazing team who loves storytelling as much as I do!




Telly Awards 2021 - Editing Branded Content

Telly Awards 2021 - Editing Social Video

BELIFF - Film Fest LONDON 2020 - Official Selection

Telly Awards 2020 - Not for Profit

Telly Awards 2020 - Editing PSA

Global Shorts 2020 - Honorable Mention

Telly Awards 2018 - Directing for non-broadcast

Telly Awards 2018 - Miscellaneous for non-broadcast

Telly Awards 2018 - Motion Graphics/ Design for non-broadcast

International Independent Film Awards - 2018 - Animated Visuals

International Independent Film Awards - 2018 - Concept

International Independent Film Awards - 2018 - Commercial

Top Shorts 2018 - Best Commercial

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival 2018 - Best Trailer/Promo

Best Shorts Competition 2018 - Best Commercial / Infomercial

Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2018 - Best Commercial

Global Shorts 2018 - Special Mention

Cult Critic Movie Awards - 2018 - Best Web and New Media

California International Shorts Festival - 2018 - Best Commercial

Independent Shorts Awards 2018 - Best Commercial/Promo

European Cinematography Awards 2018 - Semi Finalist

New Haven International Film Festival 2018 - Official Selection

Burbank International Film Festival 2018 - Official Selection

Urban Mediamakers Festival 2018 - Official Selection